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Play’n Go GEMiX Slot Overview
GEMiX is a superbly themed online slot from Play’n Go set in a fantasy world. It’s played on a huge grid and has quite a few interesting gameplay features that you won’t find on many other slots. This review covers just about everything you need to know about the slot, so have a read then start playing!

Play N Go Gemix Slot Reels
How To Play The GEMiX Slot
GEMiX is very easy to play indeed. The first thing for you to do is to select a bet size from the options displayed along the bottom of the screen. These range from 0.10 to 100.00. When you’ve done this, hit the yellow ‘START’ button to give the reels a spin. If you prefer to have the reels spin automatically, it’s the blue ‘AUTOPLAY’ button you want to hit instead. To turn autoplay on, choose a number of spins. You also have the option of setting up some limits so your balance isn’t affected too much.

Play N Go Gemix Slot Paytable
GEMiX Slot Features

  • Fantasy Theme. GEMiX is set in a fantasy-themed world that’s home to mining dwarfs, sweet princesses and powerful wizards. One of the best aspects of the slot is that you get to visit three different worlds as you play, each one of which is very well themed with crisp, detailed graphics that help bring it to life.
  • Cluster Pays. The slot uses an extra large 7x7 grid and doesn’t have any paylines. Instead, cluster pays are used. For you to win, you need to form a cluster of five of more matching symbols that are touching horizontally or vertically. The more winning symbols there are in a cluster, the more you’re paid.
  • Symbols. There are eight standard symbols that can appear on the slot’s reels as you play. All of these are gems in different shapes and colors, including a turquoise triangle, an orange flower head, a red heart and a yellow star. The most valuable of these is the yellow star: form a cluster with fifteen or more and your payout will be equal to 1,000x your bet.
  • Cascading Symbols. Whenever you form a winning combination, all of the winning symbols vanish from the grid once you’ve been paid. The gaps they’ve left behind are then filled by symbols falling down from above. This can give you another win. If it does, the new winning symbols vanish and more symbols fall down. This keeps happening until symbols fall and no new wins are produced.
  • World Pattern. Most of the reel’s positions are transparent. Some of them, however, have a blue block on them. These blocks form a pattern, which is displayed to the right of the grid. Land a winning symbol on a block to turn it orange; once all have turned orange, the pattern’s cleared. Successfully clear three patterns and you’ll move to a new world; there are three of them in total. Moving to a new world rewards you with the World Bonus that increases the more you win by.
  • World Wilds. There’s the Miner’s World, the Princess’ World and the Wizard’s World. Each of these has its own special wild feature that can trigger on non-winning spins to help you win:
    • Miner’s Wild. Up to ten lantern wilds are added to random positions on the grid.
    • Princess’ Wild. Lollipop wilds move across the grid from one side to the other, leaving a trail of wilds in their wake.
    • Wizard’s Wild. Up to eight sticky spell book wilds can be added. These wilds don’t drop down with other symbols, nor are they removed if they help you to win.

Play N Go Gemix Slot Bonus Features
GEMiX Bonus Features

  • Crystal Charge. To the right of the grid is a blue orb with a purple ring around. This is the Crystal Charge meter. It fills up whenever you land consecutive wins. Should you win with twenty symbols on consecutive wins, the meter will be filled and you’ll get one of four bonuses:
    • Nova Blast. A symbol is chosen and there’s a huge explosion, with lots of adjacent symbols vanishing. A small cluster of symbols matching the chosen one is added before symbols drop down to fill the remaining empty gaps.
    • Crystal Warp. A symbol is chosen at random. This symbol and all matching ones on the grid transform into other symbols.
    • Light Beam. A random symbol shoots out vertical and horizontal beams of light. All symbols caught up in these beams transform into other symbols.
    • Chain Lightning. Symbols in two opposite corners of the grid are connected and all symbols in a diagonal line between them are transformed into one of the two corner symbols.

Should you fill the meter with forty winning symbols, you’ll be awarded one of the above features, but with a x3 multiplier in effect for all wins.

Play GEMiX For free
GEMiX offers lots of fun and the chance to earn some hefty payouts thanks to its cascade feature. Play this fantasy-themed slot with free and see how many consecutive wins you get from a single spin. You may even collect forty winning symbols - if you do, you’ll get a bonus feature with all wins trebled!

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